Technology influences just about every aspect of modern dental care, from record-keeping to evaluation and diagnosis to treatment. When patients are choosing a new dentist, they should consider how the dentist incorporates this technology into their treatment.

At Gregory Dental Care, patients notice our commitment to technology as soon as they walk in our door. The various types of technology you will see in our office help us to determine what type of treatment you may need and to plan for the most effective and efficient treatment process possible.

Dental X-Ray | Gregory Dental Care | Lubbock, TX

Furthermore, we recognize that the technology used in evaluation and treatment is always evolving, just as the practice of dental medicine is. Therefore, we draw from all of the resources available to stay updated on any developments in this aspect of dental care.

If you have any questions about the types of technology used in our practice, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

How To Evaluate Your Dentist’s Approach To Technology

What should you consider as you evaluate your dentist’s use of technology in practice? Well, many indicators can be helpful. For example, do they take x-rays digitally or are they still using traditional x-rays on film to look at the interior surfaces of your teeth?

You might also want to explore computer software and other tools used in the process of planning and delivering treatment. Advanced three-dimensional imaging makes many procedures, such as dental implant placement, far more predictable and less disruptive to the patient’s routine.

Importance of Technology in Screening and Diagnosis of Oral Diseases

Gregory Dental Care integrates technology into the evaluation and diagnosis of patients using digital radiographs (x-rays). Digital x-rays have several advantages over the traditional film-based ones, including:

  • Reduced exposure to radiation for the patient
  • Images that can be manipulated for more detailed views of certain areas
  • Images that can be easily shared with specialists when outside referrals are needed
  • Eliminates staff exposure to toxic chemicals used in traditional films

To illustrate how this technology benefits patients in practice, consider an area in a tooth that might appear slightly suspicious at first glance, but still unclear. With a digital x-ray file, the dentist can zoom in on that area to determine whether it is indeed caused for concern.

In contrast, a dentist using traditional films might need to take repeated x-rays for a better view of that area, potentially exposing the patient to more radiation and taking up more of the patient’s precious time.

Use of Technology in Treatment Planning

Technology also helps us to prepare for your treatment more effectively and reduces the likelihood of unexpected obstacles when delivering that treatment.

Our primary tool for this purpose is Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). This instrument creates a three-dimensional image of your teeth and jaws by compiling multiple two-dimensional images into a single file. We use the Orthophos S from Dentsply Sirona, if you’d like to research more specifics.

Relying on a three-dimensional image is invaluable in treatment planning for procedures like dental implant placement. CBCT allows us to envision the surgical field before we ever even make an incision.

As such, we can more reliably predict the outcomes of the procedure and anticipate any challenges in advance. Not only are procedures shorter when we avoid unexpected obstacles, but the recovery is generally easier, as well.

Latest Dental Technology | Gregory Dental Care | Lubbock, TX
iTero Digital Scanner
iTero intraoral scanner

Our office uses iTero intraoral scanners for accurate and detailed dental models that enhance the efficacy of restorative dental work.

iTero scanners are utilized for crown and bridge impressions, partial denture impressions, retainer impressions, and implant surgical guide planning.

In addition, iTero scanners allow for real-time simulations for our patients to view. Our patients get to watch the generation of the dental impression as the wand moves through the mouth on a monitor located in the treatment room. The simulation gives our patients a larger role and increased control in their treatment process.

Our Commitment to Staying Informed on Technological Advances in Dental Care

We recognize that, just like the technology we use in our daily lives is always changing, so is the technology used in dentistry. Therefore, we don’t rest on our laurels when it comes to our use of technology. We are constantly monitoring the latest innovations in this area.

The following resources help to keep us updated on developments in technology that may improve the treatment experience for our patients.

  • Continuing education courses
  • Information from our dental technology provider partners
  • Information from dental organizations

Rest assured that when you choose Gregory Dental Care for your dental needs, you are getting the most optimal technology that today’s dental patients have access to. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about this aspect of your care.